Green Tea Cooking Class 緑茶で楽しむ茶料理教室

Let’s learn Japanese soul drink, green tea!! -Green tea cooking class-


Green tea is not just for drinking but it can also use for cooking. This cooking class is so special that you will learn how to enjoy actual fresh green tea, “shincha.”
We will bring you a new world of green tea!!! 

Why is Shincha so special?! 
Shincha means newly picked tea the first tea of the season. It has fresh scent and flavor and sweetness more than “second crop tea” or “third crop tea.” 
Not only for scent and flavor, but Shincha contains high nourishment compared with other crop tea. During the winter, a tea tree stores nourishment, and then the spring comes fresh leaves will grow with a lot of nourishment.
Therefore, Shincha are wonderful to try to drink and eat!!!

・Ice-brew green tea (Green tea leaf with ice block) It slowly take one hour.
・SASHIMI carpaccio with green tea dressing
・Green tea tempura with green tea salt
・Green tea rice with Green tea Tsukudani
・Green tea rice cake

• Date: July, 5th, 2015 (Sunday)
• Time: 12:00~16:00 (Open 11:30~)
• Location: Tsukishima-Shakai-Kyouiku-Kaikan (月島社会教育会館、Social Education Hall) 4-1-1 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan
• Class size: 30
• Cost: 5500 yen (Material, text and facility usage fee) (tax included)
• Dead line: July, 2nd, 2015 (Thursday) 11:00AM
• What to bring: Apron and something to write with application
• Contact details for inquiries: 

★Cancellation PolicyBy the way, if you make a reservation, but later find that you cannot attend, please let us know as early as possible.
# Please note that payment of the 5,500 yen participation fee will still be expected for a cancellation after the deadline and in the case of a simple failure to attend. Bank transfer details will be provided.

Note: Events of Savory Japan are looking for participants from not only in this site but also in our homepage and Facebook site. You might be on the waiting list, if the total number of participants is taken from other websites. We appreciate your understanding

Emina Matsuki
This class will be tough by Emina Matsuki. Food artist and Representative Director of Convey, a company offering catering services, cooking classes, and creative food consulting services. Emina is performs catering services, is a food consultant for restaurants, bars, and other commercial clients, and actively pursues culinary endeavors on other fronts as well. Deeply interested in not only quality ingredients but also the people who make them, Emina devotes a great deal of energy to developing connections with farmers and other producers of food. Building on these relationships, she has become a specialist in preparing local dishes from various communities throughout Japan.

Senbara -chaen (扇原茶園)
Senbara green tea farm has been lasted three generations. This year is the established 50th anniversary. They produce elegant and rich taste of green tea with caring power of nature.




・ 水出し緑茶
・ お茶ドレッシングでいただくSASHIMIカルパッチョ
・ お茶の葉天ぷら
・ 新茶ごはん〜お茶の佃煮添え〜
・ お茶餅

会場:月島社会教育会館4階 料理教室




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